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There can be many different reasons you are looking for a writing service, but the truth is you will look for the best one. The problem here is that the best essay writing service for each person is different. Let’s not consider the dreamy options when we get help for free and are asked to come back again. Any work must be fairly paid; for some people, price is not the problem, but they need outstanding quality. Others are not so focused on the writing being perfect but need help asap. Another person can wait but has no idea how to cope with the task and really needs help. Essay writing service reviews, and particularly this one, allow you to see what to expect from the service and if it is one where you can get the best service for you.

APlusEssay overview

The site has a nice design that cannot be named too attractive or beautiful. However, it comes with the main term of clearly representing the information and being user-friendly. is universal and provides a range of services almost as wide as a list of topics on Reddit. It starts with academic writing, and it does not matter if you need something short like an admission essay or you need help with a thesis or even a dissertation,  APlusEssay can assist you. Except for academic writing, the service can assist you with calculations or programming tasks. 


As with any other service, APlusEssay has guarantees for you. The guarantees are related to the two main points. The first is getting the best custom writing, exactly what you asked for, and the second is about your privacy. The company guarantees that your private data will be safe, and no one will know that you used help to cope with your assignment. Another guarantee is that you will get what you have ordered. Be attentive to the instructions. APlusEssay is ready to provide you with free revisions and has a money-back policy, but you need to be attentive to the details of the instructions. If something goes wrong because of their fault, they will guarantee to do everything to fix the mistake. However, if you forgot to mention something important in the instructions, you might need to pay additionally for the changes. 


Is APlusEssay affordable? Learn more about prices

Prices are the topic that the service clarifies in all possible ways. You can find a separate page that shows the table with prices, and you can see their dependence on the academic level and deadline, from the cheapest to the most expensive ones. On the main page, you can see an online calculator that will show you the price after choosing a type of paper, academic level, number of pages, and deadline. It can be done even before registration, which is quite useful. 

Ordering process

When you get on the page of placing an order, it is separated into two parts. On the first, higher one, you can choose the details about your custom paper and upload the files needed for it. The lower side is related to creating the account. You need to provide your email and password and agree with the terms and conditions. Optionally, you can provide the name and phone number. On the right side of the page, you will be followed by the little window which shows the academic level, the number of pages, and the total price for your order and offers you a safe checkout. After filling out the forms and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you need to wait till your order is finished, approve and download it. 

APlusEssay writers

There are a few options. You can leave the settings by default, and the system will provide you with the best available among standard writers. You can choose the outstanding expert or advanced writer, but you have to pay +25% for the order. One more option is one of the top 10 writers on the site, but such a pleasure will cost +40%. If you want to get service from a Native speaker, it also will cost an additional, +30% to the price. 


The good thing is you can manage it. The service allows you to review the examples of its expert’s work to get an impression of the general quality of papers that the site can offer. For an additional 5$, you also can see the examples of the writer you are going to work with. Hence, you can lead not only to other customers’ reviews but get your own impression related to the practice.


The website encourages you to call support 24/7, but this is not quite right. It is convenient to have options to call or write in live chat, which are working from Monday 00:00 AM to Saturday 08:00 PM. As you can see, live chat phone lines are unavailable from Saturday evening till midnight on Monday. But what about a 24/7 promise? The support is reached all the time, but if you are a customer. If you have an order and have some questions or problems, you can write a message to the support with your order page and get help. APlusEssay wants to be among best paper writing services and doesn’t lie. 

Pros and cons

Of course, the best essay writing service review for you is the one you will do by yourself. Here we can only consider the main pros and cons of using APlusEssay. For some people, it can be among the best. User-friendly design, clear table of prices, ability to calculate the price before order, managing the quality and support available 24/7. However, for someone else, it might not be one of the best writing services. The debatable optic can be the price because the orders, especially with short deadlines, are not quite cheap. One more factor can be the need to pay for additional aspects of service, such as a native speaker. Despite the cons, the service can be rated highly and get a positive recommendation. 


Is APlusEssay legit?

Yes, it is. Don’t worry, you are not doing anything wrong when ordering a paper on the website. It is official business, and using it is no less legit than buying anything else via the internet.  

Is APlusEssay a scam?

No. It is a legit official service that uses your personal information only to provide you with an order and take payment for it. You will know exactly how much you will pay and what you will get.

Is APlusEssay reliable?

Yes, it is. The service takes care of the safety of your data and has policies that make it responsible for providing exactly what you’ve ordered.  

Is APlusEssay safe?

Yes, it is safe. You can be sure that using this service will remain your private thing and that you will pay exactly the price you agreed for.