Bettertxt review: Writing versus editing

People are looking for essay writing service reviews for one reason: to find the best service for themselves. However, assistance with academic writing does not always have to be directed on writing from scratch.

The best essay editing service: Do you need it?

The current review represents to you one of the best academic editing services. And yes, it’s not a joke or overstatement. They really can help you with editing literally anything. You can be a student, a writer, or a person asking “edit my paper,” and Bettertxt can still help you.


An alternative to the best essay writing service, an editing one has a specific design. The titles are too big, and at the same time, the information under the titles is typed very small and with bright gray color. However, the text is still readable, and the most important fields related to placing an order are clearly visible and have the proper size of the text. Turning our look from the wrapper to the content, we can see that the service is ready to provide help with editing to students, authors, and for businesses. Help for the students is the widest because it includes editing admission essay, paper, thesis, dissertation, or any other kind of academic writing. The service offers book, novel, or manuscript editing for authors, and resume, CV, or general business editing as well. 


Bettertxt provides all the guarantees that you can have with the best editing services. Or even with any online services that are responsible for the assistance they provide. They guarantee you full confidence, the safety of the finances, and the high quality of papers. The company has a money-back policy, so you can be sure that if you will not be satisfied with their service, you will get your finances back. 


In contrast to the best paper writing services that often offer you calculators of prices on the main page, finding the price on the site Bettertxt can be a bit challenging. The prices are not even on the top panel on the site but are below in the section devoted to the company. There is no list of prices but an approximate calculator for the paper editor service. The cheapest option for order, one page with the longest term of a deadline of two weeks, costs 14$. On this website, you cannot ask, “please edit my paper for me free.” It’s important to note that the calculator does not have a field for choosing the precise type of paper. Hence, we can suggest that it doesn’t matter if the editing order touches academic writing, fiction, or business.

Ordering Process

As well as with the best custom writing, order editing of your paper is also simple. To ask someone, “edit my essay,” you place an order, choose the editor between those who placed the bid, and then only wait for your order to be done and approved by yourself. You will have the ability to directly text an expert of your choice about the assignment you need help with.


On the page devoted to writers, you can see the list of experts that can be chosen with your specific area of interest. You will see top-rated writers and the number of orders they have done. The company assures you they have qualified experts from very different fields, and the list of areas confirms that. You also can see the awards of the writers provided to them by the system of the site. Among the awards are Writer of the month, More than 20% percent of returning customers, and others that stand for the customer’s satisfaction by the service they got.  


The sire does not allow a potential customer to evaluate the quality directly, but there are a few items that stand for it. The first one is the number of orders. It is hard to imagine that all those people came to make only one order and then write a sad post on Reddit. A quick gaze at the list of writers allows seeing that some of them have more than five or even seven thousand orders finished. It is not only about the work of a particular expert but also about the time at which the company is on the market. To work for a long time, you really need to watch for the quality of service. The customers’ reviews that you can see on the site confirm that.  


To contact the support, the service offers to email them. It might not be the fastest way, but the company informs us that they work 24/7, so you can suggest getting a quick answer. Here it can be appropriate to call in mind that after placing the order and choosing the editor you will be able to contact them directly. Hence, the need to contact support can be only in the case of some issues. 

Pros and Cons

As in the best essay writing service review, this one also requires evaluating the pros and cons to decide if the service deserves our recommendation. Custom editing is a good alternative to papers written from scratch. It allows you to see your mistakes and the practical way to avoid them. The main work is made by yourself, so you don’t lose the skill improvement which is lost in the case the paper is written for you. The service might not be quite cheap, but the price is still affordable. There can be some formal moments, but the general idea and list of experienced editors deserve a high rate.


Is Bettertxt legit?

Yes, it is. The service of editing is legit, and there is nothing wrong with it. 

Is Bettertxt a scam?

No, it is not. You can be sure that if you have ordered editing of your paper on this site, you will get the service you paid for, and you will pay only for it. The money in your account will be safe. 

Is Bettertxt reliable?

Yes, it is. The service is interested in customers returning and making efforts for that. The company has strict rules that protect the customer’s interests in having high-quality orders edited according to the instructions and your wishes. 

Is Bettertxt safe?

Yes, it is. You can be calm about your money and private data. The services take only the money you agreed to pay for the order. Your personal information will be safe, and the phone number is asked only to contact you in case of an emergency. For example, to provide the editor with some clarification.